Croucher Foundation News

February 2016

Reaching for the dark side 24 February 2016

Like many of us, Ricky Chue was fascinated by planets and stars in school. 

Visualising decision making 22 February 2016

Vickie Li is an experimental psychologist based in the Oxford Perceptual Decision Making Lab.

Keeping the immune system in line 17 February 2016

Dr Lu Liwei is developing more specialised treatments for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjögren’s syndrome. 

5G: The Next Generation Mobile Network 12 February 2016

What will the fifth generation of mobile network bring to the table?

A fly on the wall’s view on genes 12 February 2016

Commonly know as the fruit fly, these tiny little insects are nothing more than a nuisance to most of us. 

A Tale of Two Paths 3 February 2016

For most, it is enough to have one successful career, but Dr Saimond Ip’s adventurous spirit and drive have awarded him two.

Copy number variation and lupus 3 February 2016

Recent findings on copy number variations mark the start of a new era of research in life sciences.