Croucher Foundation News

January 2016

Smaller and stronger: the power of nano-crystalline structures  29 January 2016

Jian Lu and Ke Lu have been working together on surface nanocrystallisation.

A career in paediatric haematology 29 January 2016

Dr Anselm Chi Wai Lee is currently working as a Senior Consultant in Paediatric Haematology and Oncology in Singapore.

Dr Violet Lo: social innovator 28 January 2016

An unlikely career choice: swapping investment banking for inclusive business and social innovation.

Exploring the landscape of “big pharma” 22 January 2016

Fenix Wing Yin Leung completed his doctoral studies in medical oncology and has moved into to work as a senior analyst.

Preparing for the worst: risk assessment in the commercial world 19 January 2016

Dr Jones Wan is a Hong Kong-based Senior Consultant at Environmental Resources Management (ERM). 

The Poyang Lake dilemma 4 January 2016

Jonathan Hin Chung Ho is a PhD student at Christ’s College, the University of Cambridge.