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October 2015

Diamond quantum information processing 28 October 2015

2014 Croucher fellow, Dr Kero Lau, is a physicist working on improving the practicality of diamond quantum information processing. 

A word with Chan Che Ting 26 October 2015

Theoretical physicist, Chan Che Ting, is chair professor of physics and director of William Mong Institute of nano science and technology at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He received Croucher awards in 2010 and 2012.

At the forefront of forensic science 23 October 2015

Stephen Ip works as a chemist in the Forensic Science Division of the Government Laboratory.

A sticky situation 19 October 2015

2008 fellow, Sam Lai, is discovering how to strengthen the mucus barrier in order to prevent and cure illnesses.

2015 Innovation Award: Law Kam Tuen 16 October 2015

Law Kam Tuen is seeking to find new topological states.

Exploring cell and cell-free therapy 14 October 2015

Kathy Lui, 2009 fellow, is investigating key areas of stem cell immunology.

2015 Innovation Award: Shizhong Zhang 9 October 2015

Shizhong Zhang conducts research into ultracold quantum gases with the ultimate aim to create entirely new quantum states. 

Next generation of secure banking devices 6 October 2015

Founded in 2005, Cronto Limited is already a leading provider of secure transaction authentication solutions for internet banking. Dr Sharon Lee, 2008 Croucher scholar, joined the company in 2012, following the completion of her PhD studies at the University of Cambridge.

Tracing proteins in living cells 2 October 2015

Sun Hongzhe, 2010 senior research fellow, led development of a fluorescent probe to trace proteins inside living cells.

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