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September 2015

Nature conservation in the wetland park 29 September 2015

Ecologist and nature conservation officer, Evelyne Kuo, explains the work of the Hong Kong Wetland Park. 

Proteomics to decipher diseases 25 September 2015

Proteomics refers to the large-scale study of the proteins produced by a given organism, including their structures and functions.

Super-slippery surfaces 22 September 2015

We spoke with Dr Tak Sing Wong in 2011 about his work with super-slippery materials. We recently caught up with Wong, a 2004 Croucher Fellow, to hear about the latest developments in the super-slippery world.

Asking the right questions for a sustainable future 18 September 2015

Throughout his career spanning academia, engineering, and strategic business development, Croucher scholar, Dr Wai Lo has been driven by a curiosity and desire to understand the implications of scientific achievements on everyday life.

Immunotherapy as the future of mainstream cancer treatment 15 September 2015

Bill Wong, 2002 scholar, works on the next generation of cancer treatment. 

Terahertz experts gather in Hong Kong 9 September 2015

Physicists, chemists and electronic engineers gather at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

The future of clean energy 7 September 2015

Dr Steve Tse is a Croucher fellow, having received his fellowship in 2013 to pursue postdoctoral research on proton exchange membranes, at the University of Chicago.

Solid oxide fuel cell technology 4 September 2015

Kawai Kwok is working on improving the structural integrity of solid oxide fuel cells.

New approaches to modelling human behaviour 2 September 2015

2010 Croucher scholar, Dr Zan Mei Ling Chu is a program manager at Microsoft Corporation. She recently completed her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Stanford University, California, where she simulated human behaviour during emergency evacuations of buildings.

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