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June 2015

Unravelling the nature of quantum entanglement 30 June 2015

2012 Croucher fellow, Hung Ling Yan, is exploring new phases of matter.

2015 Senior Research Fellow: Zhongjun Zhou 25 June 2015

Professor Zhongjun Zhou, a biochemist from The University of Hong Kong, is an internationally recognised expert on laminopathy-based premature ageing. His research interests lie in bone development, blood vessel development and ageing. His present research work focuses on premature ageing and ageing-associated diseases, as well as the extracellular matrix.

2015 Senior Research Fellow: Kenneth Kam Wing Lo 23 June 2015

Professor Kenneth Lo Kam-Wing is an internationally-recognised inorganic chemist at the City University of Hong Kong with expertise in the synthesis of phosphorescent compounds used as biological probes in imaging.

Early-life stages of marine invertebrates 18 June 2015

Dr Karen Chan conducts research in the field of oceanography and marine organisms, with a key focus in coastal ecology. 

A career across diverse paths 18 June 2015

Many years ago, as a naïve youngster, I thought I wanted to become a physicist. I worked hard on my ambition upon entering the University of Cambridge for undergraduate studies in science. With some good luck, I managed to get a bachelor degree majoring in physics after three years, and then continued with research training at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at...

2015 Innovation Award: Tom Cheung 17 June 2015

Dr Tom Cheung is a passionate scientist carrying out research in the field of muscle stem cells. His interest in this discipline of science began during his postdoctoral years when he worked on the muscle cavity and its regeneration processes. Stem cells, a core element of regeneration, became the key focus of the research.

Gordon Research Conferences expand in Hong Kong 4 June 2015

Gordon Research Conferences return to Hong Kong in 2015, with thirteen conferences and three seminars to take place in total.

2014 Senior Medical Research Fellow: Annie Cheung 2 June 2015

Professor Annie Cheung is a doctor by training and a pathologist by profession with a key focus on women’s cancers. 

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