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May 2015

2015 Advanced Study Institutes 29 May 2015

Croucher Advanced Study Institutes are intensive high-level teaching activities held in Hong Kong on carefully defined scientific subjects. They are presented by faculty of international standing, and usually take place over three days. In 2015, following a competitive process, the Croucher Foundation has awarded grants for the following Advanced Study Institutes:• Frontiers in Big Data Graph...

2014 Senior Research Fellow: Yu Huang 28 May 2015

Professor Yu Huang is an experienced basic scientist with a key research interest, among many, in vascular function and dysfunction in diseases, mainly diabetes and hypertension. He is motivated by the increasing rate of new cases of diabetes, especially in mainland China, as well as the tendency of patients suffering from type II diabetes to die of cardiovascular events or kidney disease.

2015 Senior Medical Research Fellow: Ui-Soon Khoo 26 May 2015

Professor Ui-Soon Khoo is a renowned physician scientist known for her expertise and research experience in breast cancer, particularly in molecular genetics and pathobiology.

Garnet Chan: a theoretical chemist 22 May 2015

Garnet Chan is the A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, New Jersey and a multi-award winning theoretical chemist in the field of quantum mechanics, the body of scientific principles that explain the behaviour of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.Chan is the recipient of the Todd-Croucher Fellowship, an award...

2014 Senior Medical Research Fellow: James Lau 19 May 2015

Dr James Lau is a renowned surgeon who is leading multicenter international studies in the advancement of therapeutic endoscopy. His research strengths lie in therapeutic endoscopy of bleeding ulcers, with the aim to reduce the overall rate of re-bleeding as well as mortality of patients.

2015 Senior Medical Research Fellow: Patrick Woo 15 May 2015

Professor Patrick C.Y. Woo is a recognised international authority in the field of emerging infectious diseases, novel microbe discovery and microbial genomics. 

Quantum cooling 15 May 2015

Dr Yung Man Hong, 2004 Croucher scholar and 2009 fellow, is an expert in quantum cooling.

In memoriam: Rayson Huang 8 May 2015

Dr Rayson Huang, one of four founding trustees of the Croucher Foundation, passed away peacefully on 8 April 2015 in the United Kingdom. Huang was appointed by Noel Croucher on 8th December 1979 and served the Foundation for an unbroken tenure of 34 years. The following eulogy, presented at a memorial held at The University of Hong Kong on 6 May 2015, is reproduced with the kind permission of...

2015 Senior Research Fellow: Liwen Jiang 7 May 2015

Professor Liwen Jiang is a plant cell biologist who is contributing to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of protein transport and organelle biogenesis in plants.

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