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The Hopcopter 17 July 2024

The new robot, designed by researchers at City University, has exceptional agility and is inspired by the ability of many examples in nature of hybrid movement, such as small birds which combine hopping with flight

A reversal of time 15 July 2024

A team of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and the University of Hong Kong has made an important contribution to quantum information science

Hong Kong chemists develop a “chameleon” molecule 9 July 2024

A team at HKU has created a molecular structure that can selectively switch between different binding modes, allowing the molecule to adapt its shape and function based on the type of ion it encounters

Welcome, Croucher Class of 2024! 5 July 2024

The twenty-six successful applications for scholarships and fellowships this year are in life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer science

A new approach to reducing insomnia in long COVID patients 4 July 2024

Research by scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that faecal microbiota transplantation can alleviate symptoms of insomnia in long COVID patients, providing further understanding of the gut-brain axis and its impact on sleep health

Going with the flow of nature 3 July 2024

A study by Hong Kong Polytechnic University has revealed how the succulent plant Crassula muscosa is able to selectively control the direction of liquid flow

Thermal conductivity at its lower limit 30 June 2024

A simple crystal structure material exhibits ultra-low thermal conductivity at room temperature with opening prospects for advances in thermal insulation and thermoelectrics

Hong Kong to host global stem cell conference 17 June 2024

The ISSCR is the largest stem cell organisation in the world and next year’s meeting will give Hong Kong and Mainland scientists a great opportunity to meet scientists from other regions

Capturing the natural intelligence of plants 11 June 2024

A Hong Kong-led research project successfully mimics the mechanism used by Venus fly traps to capture their prey and offers a fresh perspective on the natural intelligence of plants

Detecting the ripples in space-time 9 June 2024

An innovative method developed by researchers at HKUST to detect high-frequency gravitational waves potentially opens new avenues for cosmological research

Croucher launches 2024 advanced study institutes 6 June 2024

These short, high-level courses go into depth on cutting-edge topics and are aimed at early-career researchers who are already established in their field

Hong Kong researchers unlock key to boosting eco-friendly cooling 3 June 2024

In a significant breakthrough, researchers at HKUST have developed a new approach to enhance the cooling performance of metal-organic frameworks. This opens the door to more efficient and sustainable passive cooling technologies

Unravelling the mysteries of cosmic light shows 31 May 2024

Following the spectacular displays of aurorae on Earth earlier this year, this Hong Kong-led research deepens our understanding of the aurorae elsewhere in our solar system

Teaching AI to "think" more like humans 30 May 2024

A Hong Kong Polytechnic University study suggests that AI models can be improved by going beyond simply predicting the next word in a sequence

Hong Kong study reveals a key role for termites 29 May 2024

They and other invertebrates play an important role in helping to break down organic matter and redistribute nutrients

Hong Kong researchers gain new insights into cell biology 28 May 2024

A research team led by Professor Mingjie Zhang at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has shed important light on the fundamental mechanisms that govern the organisation of cellular structures

Hong Kong researchers create 2D all-organic perovskites 24 May 2024

Perovskites are a class of materials with a wide range of potential applications, including solar cells, LEDs, and lasers. This research opens up possibilities for the development of more efficient and versatile electronic devices

Croucher Science Week 2024 inspires thousands of youngsters in Hong Kong 23 May 2024

Croucher Science Week, which has been running since 2018, this year featured over 50 interactive events online, in schools and at the Hong Kong Science Museum

New method to hunt for the universe’s first stars 23 May 2024

A team of astrophysicists at the University of Hong Kong has developed a novel method to indirectly detect Population III stars, the elusive first stars formed in the universe shortly after the Big Bang

Can animals count? 22 May 2024

A groundbreaking study by researchers from City University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong suggests rats might be capable of basic counting

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