Croucher Foundation News

Quantum physicists take a cold hard look at atoms 19 May 2022

In quantum physics, the closer researchers get to absolute zero, the stranger an atom’s properties become. As an experimental quantum physicist, Croucher scholar Dr Jo Gyu-Boong is looking deep into the science behind the big freeze.

Dual-comb photothermal spectroscopy allows for rapid multi-gas detection 18 May 2022

New sensing technique to drastically improve gas sensing technology

Croucher Scholar reimagines the water droplet 11 May 2022

Professor Anderson Shum is harnessing the physical properties of water droplets.

Robotic slime: a moving, shape-shifting game changer 10 May 2022

A popular child’s toy inspired Dr Li Zhang to create a magnetic slime robot.

The uncovered role of the central nervous system in bone healing 5 May 2022

The central nervous system can sense and respond to implanted biomaterials.

Paving the way for plant-based vaccine technology 4 May 2022

HK scientists discovered a key mechanism behind storage protein in plant seeds.

Croucher Science Week: Dr Rosa Chan 29 April 2022

Participating in Croucher Science Week has helped Dr Chan to explain complex science including her research in engineering.

Insights into regeneration 27 April 2022

Nicola Wong is using bioinformatics to explore the comparative and evolutionary genomics of different organisms.

HKUST researchers study cleavage mechanism used in gene silencing 26 April 2022

Gene silencing is a technique used to study the mechanism of diseases.

New solar cells boost efficiency to record high 25 April 2022

HK and UK scientists collaborate to improve the efficiency of perovskite solar cells.

Croucher Science Week school programme extended 20 April 2022

Hands on activities and science shows available until 22 May.

A 65-million-year-old detective story 19 April 2022

This year Hong Kong plans to host a symposium of paleontological researchers.

Croucher Foundation Eighth Report 2016–2021 14 April 2022

Find out how Croucher Foundation performed over this six year period.

CUHK Scientist leads global effort to map adult-onset diabetes 31 March 2022

Professor Ronald Ma and his team examine type 1 diabetes among adults.

Croucher Science Week: Dr Stephanie Ma 30 March 2022

Dr Stephanie Ma Kwai Yee on explaining complex science simply.

Neutron scattering: a collaborative project brings Hong Kong science to the world 28 March 2022

Professor Wang Xunli speaks about his collaboration with CAS.

Physicists manipulate magnetism with light 25 March 2022

Croucher caught up with Dr Adrian Po to discuss his recent research.

Hong Kong scientists reveal massive tropical carbon loss 23 March 2022

Carbon loss has doubled over the past two decades due to excessive forest removal.

The 99 per cent 21 March 2022

Professor Ng Siew Chien uses gut microbiome for medical diagnostics and therapeutics.