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Steering AI out of harm’s way

For Dr Yinlam Chow, having an interest as a child in robots and all they could do turned out to be a future career in the making because today he is a research scientist at Google AI, working on AI-enhanced algorithms and applications that enable robots to navigate their way safely.

16 October 2019

Rechargeable liquid fuels set out to power electric vehicles

Rechargeable “e-fuel” paves way for renewables in energy generation in the future.

9 October 2019

Biologist gets a taste for novel protein research

Novel protein family that plays a role in sour taste reception and inner-ear balance revealed.

2 October 2019

World first for ultracold quantum simulation

The world's first 3-D simulation of topological matter consisting of ultracold atoms.

19 September 2019

Memory cue for depression treatment

Does the way we remember negative events affect our likelihood of experiencing depression?

18 September 2019

Geomaterials expert shakes up earthquake studies

Prof Andrew Chan studies the effects of tremors and tsunamis on the earth and buildings.

12 September 2019

Stabilising images for mobile devices

Dr Cheung Kwok-yuen manufactures systems used in the mass production of electronics all over the world.

4 September 2019

Fresh eye on ophthalmology

Dr Eddy Wu’s start-up pharmaceutical company helps people who have sight problem.

27 August 2019