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Setting out to ensure computer programs work as intended

When Carol Pui Yiu Mak joined a HKUST programming summer school, she knew little about the subject but, with time on her hands, decided to give it a try. For the then 15-year-old, it began a fascination with computer science and pointed the way to her future career and research that could expand understanding of how machine learning works.

14 May 2020

Exploring the connection between hypoxia and Alzheimer’s disease

In the battle against the global scourge of Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative condition, Joseph Wong is engineering novel pathways to understanding the role of hypoxia in the disease.

11 May 2020

A step closer to fathoming the deep carbon cycle

Earth’s carbon cycle and climate change

8 May 2020

COVID 19 special edition

In this special Croucher newsletter, we have investigated Hong Kong’s contribution, talked to some of the leading virologists, microbiologists and epidemiologists, sought expert opinion on the implications for mental health, and public health education, and compiled a round-up of COVID-19 research outputs from different universities in the city.

28 April 2020

Shenzhen honour for Croucher Fellow

Congratulations to Professor Che Chi Ming.

27 April 2020

Unlocking the role of TBC1D24 protein in our brain

A research team led by Dr Lai Kwok On has uncovered a previously uncharacterised function of the TBC1D24 gene in the maintenance of neuronal connections in the brain, a discovery that could eventually lead to new therapeutic pathways for patients suffering from epilepsy and intellectual disability.

23 April 2020

Capturing reality through theoretical electrochemistry

Dr Yan Choi Lam is building a theoretical model to explain why certain chemical reactions happen the way they do.

21 April 2020

Tuning in to the bilingual benefits of Cantonese tones

Dr William Cho is building his work in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.

16 April 2020