Croucher Foundation News

HKU postgraduate flies high with solar telescope balloon project

University of Hong Kong MSc student Gianni Heung has received a HK$ 50,000 grant from the Croucher Foundation to continue her participation in a near space project.

30 September 2018

Plant protein regulator provides insight into crop growth and protection

Professor Jiang and his team have identified a negative regulator involved in the biogenesis of plants and their membrane protein vacuolar transport systems.

25 September 2018

Handy sensor to enhance food safety

A new food safety testing system has been developed by Professor Hon-Wah Lam of the City University of Hong Kong (Croucher Fellowship 1990 and Croucher Studentship 1986) to detect contaminants in food within several minutes.

22 September 2018

Inhibitory peptides to control autophagy

The new peptides can be used to occlude autophagy in living animals.

23 August 2018

Fuz protein and neurological disorders

Professor Edwin Chan is one of the very few scientists working on rare neurodegenerative diseases. His recent research revealed the pathogenic mechanism for a group of rare genetic neuronal disorders known as polyQ diseases.

18 August 2018

Font engineering: from genomes to typography​

Story of Dr Hin-tak Leung who made a shift from physicist to a career in typography.

22 June 2018

BATS Code for efficient network transmission

Annoyed by the pixelated screen when streaming a live football game? BATS code might be the solution.

1 June 2018