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Hong Kong researchers reveal mechanism of short-distance vesicle transport

A new understanding of short-distance vesicle transport within cells,

A research team at HKUST has uncovered a mechanism for short-distance vesicle transport within cells, driven by protein phase separation 

Measuring the mass of the universe

An interview with Dr Kimmy Wu

Dr Kimmy Wu was awarded a Croucher Fellowship in 2015 at the University of California, Berkeley, soon after she visited Antarctica to help deploy the telescope facility she used for data collection

Brain-computer interfaces for enhanced mobility

A interview with Croucher scholar Ewing Pun

Croucher News caught up with Ewina Pun who is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in biomedical engineering at Brown University

Space and locality: an interview with Adrian Po

Po is the recipient of an Innovation Award

Dr Adrian Po was the winner of a Croucher Tak Wah Mak Innovation Award in 2023

Croucher and the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards

Celebrating the connection between Croucher and the prestigious Hang Lung award scheme

Over the last twenty years, a number of Croucher scholars or awardees have started their adventure at an early age in science with a prize or special mention at the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards

Life in a day: laboratories of life

An interview with Croucher scholar Yasine Malki

The day begins for Yasine Malki, in his second year as a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a stroll along the harbour front by the Science Park

Professor Xun-li Wang elected to theAmerican Physical Society

An opportunity to advance knowledge of physics throughout the world

APS was founded in 1899 to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. Members of the Society are based in more than 100 countries.

Science communication: Donovan So

For people with a passion to communicate the wonder and importance of science

Croucher Science Communication Studentships are designed for people with a passion to communicate the wonder and importance of science to a wider audience

Unveiling the intricacies of RNA

An interview with Dr Chun Kit Kwok

An interview with Croucher scholar Dr Chun Kit Kwok of City University of Hong Kong

Croucher logo and calligraphy: an interview with Dr Phil Kwun Nam Chan

Croucher Foundation’s website features a logo based on a traditional Chinese seal carving 

One of the features you’ll have noticed about by the calligrapher and scholar Dr Phil Kwun Nam Chan, who is currently Associate Curator (Painting and Calligraphy) in the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

An image of the Antarctic

We look back at the winning entry of the 2021 Croucher Image Awards

As we prepare to announce the results of the 2023 Croucher Image Awards we look back at the winning entry of the 2021 Awards, Antarctic Ice Streams, by Dr Felix Ng, which captures the converging pattern of ice stream flow in West Antarctica

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