Croucher Foundation News

Tackling the link between diabetes and kidney disease

In Hong Kong, 52 per cent of new patients requiring dialysis treatment or renal replacement have diabetes as the cause of kidney failure – a challenge that Professor Sydney Tang (Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship 2019, Croucher Fellowship 1996) seeks to address.

13 October 2020

What triggers a supernova?

A multinational team of scientists has become the first to successfully examine the phase transition that may trigger a supernova.

6 October 2020

Croucher Image Awards 2020

The inaugural Croucher Image Awards competition was launched in April 2020.

30 September 2020

Croucher Image Awards 2020 - runners up

Pictures of the Croucher Image Awards runners-up and the stories behind their scenes

30 September 2020

How connections in the brain change over time

A research team led by Dr Lai Kwok-On at the University of Hong Kong has uncovered the molecular basis of how neurons change their connections during brain development.

25 September 2020

Dennis Lo’s three-decade journey to science’s greatest prizes

Innovation does not come easy and for Professor Dennis Lo.

22 September 2020

Dennis Lo scoops ‘Oscar of Science’ for foetal DNA discovery

Professor Dennis Lo has won the prestigious 2021 Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences.

13 September 2020