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Croucher Ecology Issue Four: Climate Change

For the final issue of Croucher Ecology we are examining the impact of climate change on the ecology and biodiversity of Hong Kong.

31 May 2021

HKU researchers discover new biologics for obesity-related diseases

Obesity is a global pandemic associated with a significantly reduced life expectancy due to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease and cancer.

1 December 2021

Study finds venom from ant bites can modulate immune responses

A research team led by Professor Billy Chow from the Research Division for Molecular and Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, HKU, has identified a new immunomodulatory pathway that is triggered by ant bites.

29 October 2021

Young Croucher scholar receives Xplorer Prize 2021

Professor Yao Wang is one of 50 national researchers who has been awarded the Xplorer Prize 2021.

25 October 2021

Songbird ancestors evolved a new way to taste sugar

Bitter, salty, sweet, sour and umami are the five basic tastes humans perceive, but we are naturally drawn to sweet. What about other animals? Do they know sweet from sour?

21 October 2021

Two counteracting proteins and their implications for Machado-Joseph Disease

Scientists have discovered an intricate relationship between two proteins in our nerve cells that uncover new insights into neurodegenerative disorders such as Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD).

13 October 2021

Building bridges to deeper machine learning

Speeding up the performance of computers used in machine learning is important for many data-driven applications including advanced drone navigation, self-driving cars and credit card fraud detection.

5 October 2021

Connection found between collagen IV and tissue regeneration

Understanding of the regenerative function of stem cells has received a boost following a discovery by a research team led by Professor Danny Chan at HKU, potentially moving scientists a step closer to increasing healing ability in people.

9 August 2021