Croucher Foundation News

Croucher Fellow receives Otto Hahn Medal and Award

Dr Chun So has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award as one of the leading young researchers at the Max Planck Institute.

24 June 2020

How body and mind react to stress

Have you come across the situation where you scratch your head and bite your lips repeatedly during a tough interview? Did you wonder where those unconscious reactions come from? Neuroscientist Professor Wing Ho Yung might now be heading towards an answer.

19 June 2020

Nurturing a taste for biochemistry (and wine)

From his interest in research to his passion for wine

17 June 2020

Investigating the mysteries of unconscious vision

Dr Wendy Yue's research sheds light on how we see the world around us.

12 June 2020

COVID-19 special edition

A special news section to keep the global and local community up to date with their many contributions.

10 June 2020

How multiple RNA elements control MicroRNA biogenesis

Two significant studies have brought scientists a step closer to understanding how certain errors occur in microRNA biogenesis could affect gene expression and cellular functions.

26 May 2020

Bean experiments affirm ozone impact in Hong Kong

Ozone level in Hong Kong is high enough to cause significant damage to plants.

22 May 2020

Throwing fresh light on optical tomography imaging

Renjie Zhou to understand photons, the fundamental unit of light.

20 May 2020