The JUSTL Programme in Numbers

21 May 2020

Between 2007 and 2015, a total of 49 Hong Kong graduate (MPhil and PhD) students and Post-Doctoral researchers or junior faculty participated in the JUSTL programme. The following three pie graphs show the distribution of male versus female attendees as well as the stage of career and the Universities where they were studying (or employed) at when they participated in the JUSTL programme.

These next three pie graphs illustrate where the JUSTL participants are living and working today.

The final two pie graphs provide a comparison of the percentage of JUSTL participants who have stayed on in the sciences when compared with the percentage of life science students who graduated with a PhD or MPhil from a Hong Kong university. As the data available for these university students only started in 2011, and as the JUSTL programme only ran to 2015, the comparison has been made between 2011-2015.