Emerging and enabling technologies for modeling and understanding development and disease

Advances in technologies for genomic-level and single cell resolution analyses of cell populations are fueling a quantum leap in our capacity to delineate cell heterogeneity, to identify stem/progenitor cells in tissues and their contribution to tissue homeostasis and repair.
This workshop aims to provide an introduction and update to the recent rapid advances in technologies that are enabling researchers to achieve precision and high definition insights into embryonic development and human diseases. It serves as a forum for brainstorming and discussion of the challenges and research strategies in understanding and exploiting the data that is being generated in this phase of technological development. The workshop focuses on technological advances for the analyses of molecular processes, transcription and the changing chromosome dynamics in single cells; analyses, integration and interpretation of multi-omic data; the development of ex vivo model systems such as organoids; application of light sheet microscopy.
A Croucher Advanced Study Institute in partnership with the University of Hong Kong.